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Zhejiang Xidian High Voltage Electric Co., LTD. is restructured from the former Xidian High Voltage Switch Factory, and has implemented the “three high” strategy of high starting point, high quality, high level and so on. Fully implem ent ISO9000 international quality manag ement system, and in Xi an Xidian Group, Xi an High voltage electrical research Institute. Xi an Jiaotong University and so on. Under the guidance of scientific research units and experts, it gradually grows. Now has a high level of eng ineering technology production team, production equipment, advanced and complete testing facilities. It is a key production enterprise of the Ministry of Electric Power and the Ministry of Ma chinery Industry, and has been rated as an ”a dvanced unit” over the years.


FLW34-12/24 12KV 24KV Outdoor Pole Mounted SF6 Load Switch

Product Overview FLW34-12/24 type outdoor pole-mounted HV AC SF6 insulation load break switch is suitable to the distribution network with rated voltage 12/24kV, rated current 400/630A, three-ph...

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